Top Considerations when Submitting Files and Models to 3D Dental Labs

A dental lab takes your models and digital design files and transforms them into beautiful dental crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, and more that your patients will come to rely on for daily use.

Haus Milling Center takes dental molding seriously, knowing how important it is to have an implant, a crown, or an appliance that fits well and feels comfortable. We encourage all our clients to contact us should any questions arise on how best to submit files and associated information.

Here are some general points to consider.

Conventional Model Work 
One way to submit your specifications is through conventional model work. This is the traditional method dentists have been using for a long time. When you submit your work this way, be sure to call the dental lab beforehand to discuss what you’re sending and to get instructions on how to get your work to the lab. Since each lab is different, you’ll need to contact your representative directly for details on what to do. A phone call can clear so much up, saving everyone — including your patients — a great deal of time.

Digital Design Files
A dental lab has advanced digital tools to take your digital design files and accurately transform them into physical dental products for your patients. While qualified technicians oversee the process, it’s important that your dental office provide the lab with files that are accurate and complete. Anything less can result in a product that doesn’t meet your expectations. Always send in your most complete and accurate files for the results you’re looking for. Your files are the blueprints that dental milling machines follow. Check with the lab first to see what file types are accepted, and what parameters are most important to specify in your digital data.

Haus Milling Center has the capability to work with sophisticated CAD/CAM systems to custom-make standard and hybrid dental products. Even if you have a challenging design, we’re definitely up to the challenge! Our goal is to always create the right-fit products our dentists and their patients will be happy with.

Restoration Options
A number of options exist, so you can give your dental patients the best restorations possible to meet their specific needs. At our dental milling center, we can build implants, crowns, dentures, and bridges using different types of materials with our precision milling machines. Some of our popular restoration product options include BruxZir® 16, layered zirconia, and KATANA™.

When you make your selections, you can specify unfinished restorations, which we mill and sinter, while you stain and glaze, or fully finished restorations. Check out our full line of dental products.

Working With Haus Milling Center
There are no limits to how you can communicate with us! Haus Milling Center is a dental laboratory that strives to work closely with each client to create the strongest, best-fitting dental work possible. We encourage you to call us, send an email, or message us with your questions. By working together, we’ll make sure to build quality dental products that meet your specifications. Contact us today!

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