Does Haus offer Free remakes?

At Haus Milling, we stand behind our work. Any order needing to be remade by a TECHNICAL issue caused on our end will be remade at no additional cost to the customer. However, due to the custom work we make, we do NOT offer free remakes without the purchase of Haus Insurance for orders in which a new impression, lab scan, intra-oral scan, model or STL file is submitted again.


What is Haus Insurance and is it necessary?

Haus Insurance covers a one time remake request from the order in which it was purchased, it is up to the customer discretion to purchase the insurance as they see necessary.


How do I purchase Haus Insurance?

The insurance policy can be added to your Cart before checkout.


What is covered with Haus Insurance?

The remake cost of any case with Haus Insurance will be 100% covered as a one time remake with the submission of a NEW impression, intra-oral scan, lab scan, model or stl file.  


What is the fee for Haus Insurance?

Haus Insurance is 10% of the total amount paid per order. 

(Ex. Order totals $100.00 + 10 % Insurance fee=$110.00 grand total) 

Full Arch Prosthesis Insurance is priced at 50% fee due to the nature of the material cost.


How do I submit a Remake Claim?

Email our customer service team at

Please be sure to provide the Order number and Case ID in which the claim will be processed for. Our customer service team will proceed with your claim once the insurance purchase has been verified as well as the new impression/model/intra-oral scan or file is received. 

(Order Id can be found in My account.)


Is shipping included in a Remake Claim?

Shipping is not included and is the customer’s responsibility to have items sent back to our milling facility to proceed with the remake claim.


When is the expiration date of Haus Insurance?

It's one year from the date of purchase.