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About The Founder

Alex Kim, CDT, is the founder and CEO of Haus Dental Design & Milling Center, which specializes in digital dental production.

He brings to the company, and to his current leadership position, years of experience working in the dental design industry. In 1999, Alex started his first job working as a dental technician at Glidewell Dental Laboratory. In 2005, Glidewell began to revolutionize the dental industry by integrating CAD/CAM digital production. As a result, Alex became one of the pioneers of the digital dental production movement, as he was an integral part of the company’s digital manufacturing initiative.

In 2006, Alex became the production leader of Glidewell’s CAD/CAM digital production efforts. In this role, he was responsible for helping and training other employees for their and the company’s success. Here he began to integrate Modeless cases into digital production.

By 2010, Alex was working with over 200 employees as the CAD/CAM Production Manager. In this position, he collaborated with his employees to brainstorm and resolve numerous complex cases. He and his team were actively involved in the support, research, and development of the CAD/CAM production workflow. Among their accomplishments, they improved the software and the type of materials used, such as Zirconia Discs and BruxZir®.

Deciding to further advance his career, Alex earned his Certificate of Dental Technician on Crowns and Bridges in 2011. Four years later, he attended and graduated from the Lead Program. Through this program, Alex grew to become a better leader for the many employees on his team.

After 17 years with Glidewell Dental Laboratory, Alex decided it was time for a change. In 2016 he made an important career move to help other dental laboratories through what he had learned and pioneered about digital dental production. He joined Itec Dental Laboratory, where he helped build the CAD/CAM production department.

During this time, he discovered that many other local laboratories were also seeking help with digital production. Alex ventured into an exciting new direction by launching his own dental milling and design center. Since then, he has been helping dental labs, dentists, and patients across the nation through quality milling services for dental restorations.

About Our Company

The Haus Dental Design & Milling Center opened in 2017 in Carrollton, Texas. Through the center, Alex Kim has continued to apply his extensive knowledge and background to help dental laboratories grow. He also enjoys helping with the digital production of dental products, including Zirconia products, custom implant abutments, and digital print models. His greatest gratification is seeing returning clients who are highly satisfied with the results Haus delivers.

Partnering with some of the biggest names in the industry, Alex Kim has built Haus Dental Design & Milling Center to be an industry leader. Haus is a full-service design and milling center that allows you to utilize outsourcing services to take advantage of lower prices on CAD/CAM restorations.

Outsourcing your digital restorations to our center is easy. All you have to do is send in your cases using conventional model work. You can also upload STL files. You have the option of choosing finished or unfinished restorations.

At Haus Dental Design & Milling Center, we can do full custom work to meet the most stringent demands of dental labs across the nation. We work with top dental restoration brands in the industry, including Katana Zirconia and Bruxzir. Our technicians are able to do hybrid custom work when you need it; we also have our own quality Haus zirconia available for your benefit. From full or partial implants to dentures, and from durable crowns to well-designed bridges, we’ve got you covered!

Alex Kim has built the Haus Dental Design & Milling Center to be your go-to center for all your dental design and milling needs. Above all, we value our customers’ satisfaction with our delivery of quality service and products. We hope that you’ll feel at home with Haus; we will do our utmost to make the process simple and comfortable for you.

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