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Haus Dental Design & Milling Center is committed to providing top-quality dental solutions to dental laboratories across the nation. Founded by Alex Kim, CDT, who leads the company as CEO, Haus specializes in digital dental production, serving dental labs by providing superior dental design and milling services through our state-of-the-art milling center. We are located in Carrollton, Texas, and we serve clients across the nation. When working on dental products, such as implants, crowns, bridges, veneers, and more, Haus has access to a wide range of products and brands popular with our clients. One of the preferred materials we work with is zirconia. Further down this page, we discuss the different types of zirconia products that are available, and the different brands we work with, along with what makes zirconia such an excellent material for dental solutions. But first, here’s a brief overview on zirconia.

A Quick Overview On Zirconia

Zirconia crowns and other dental restorations offer a number of benefits for the dentist and the patient. Some of these benefits include:
  • Excellent Quality: Zirconia is known in the industry as a quality material for creating dental products and milling them to precise specifications. It’s also proven to be durable and strong for the patient, which means a longer-lasting solution the patient can be pleased with.
  • Results In A Smooth Surface: If you already have any dental crowns or implants, you know how important it is that the surface of your restoration be smooth, not rough. Zirconia products can be finished to a natural, comfortable surface texture for a smooth finish dental patients will appreciate.
  • Precise, Comfortable Fit: Dental restorations need to fit well, otherwise the patient can experience a degree of discomfort. For example, crowns that are too tight or too loose will cause issues. With zirconia products, dental professionals can achieve a precise fit for a more comfortable experience for the patient, both during the dental procedure, and well beyond into everyday life, year after year.
  • Better Than Metal Products: For many dentists and patients alike, ceramic zirconia is far superior to metals, such as gold. This durable ceramic material is chemically unreactive, making it the preferred choice for any patient with an allergy or even a mild sensitivity to metal.
  • Attractive And Natural-looking: What’s more, zirconia products can be made to look like natural teeth, resulting in an attractive option that matches the rest of the patient’s teeth.

For aesthetics, quality, durability, strength, and safety, zirconia is a top choice! It can be molded into many different types of dental restorations, including crowns, implants, bridges, and dentures, and it can be milled with a high degree of precision for an excellent fit and greater comfort. This is why it’s the material of choice for dental labs across the nation, and why we use it in our dental milling center. Our technicians enjoy working with zirconia, whether it’s solid or multi-layered, for the beautiful results we can achieve with this dental material. In terms of translucency, strength, and durability, it is an excellent option we highly recommend for a wide range of dental solutions.  

We Specialize In Milling And Design

Here at Haus Dental Design & Milling Center, we are experts in the design and milling process. We work closely with each client, making sure we fully understand the specifications and we have a complete set of files and instructions before we begin the job. As specialists in both milling and design, we can deliver results that meet your requirements quickly and economically, resulting in a better experience for everyone involved!

In fact, our company brings an entire legacy to the table. That’s because we’ve helped pioneer some of the techniques and processes you may have heard of. Our founder, Alex Kim, brings to the Haus Dental Design & Milling Center an extensive background in digital dental production, having started out as a dental technician at Glidewell Dental Laboratory. Alex went on to work with his teams to make improvements in the field, including key changes to the software and the kinds of materials used for a better experience for everyone involved in the process. Pioneering efforts included changes that helped bring Zirconia Discs and the BruxZir® brand to the forefront.

All You Need In One Place

Because we have a knowledgeable staff to serve you and the right tools and machinery to handle dental-related work with a high level of precision, we have everything you need to complete your dental restoration products in one place. If you ever have a question or concern, call us! Or email us. However you choose to reach out to us, you can be assured that our conscientious, professional representatives will tend to all of your inquiries and requests with great care. That’s because at Haus Dental Design & Milling Center, we care about our clients, and we value a job well done. You’ll see this in the quality of the milling work we do and the restoration results we send back to you. Our technicians produce top-quality work, as our organization is very deliberate in our efforts to deliver dental products that your lab, your dentists, and their patients are happy to receive. 

How We Help Your Dental Lab

Our dental lab clients turn to us for all their dental milling needs. As a premier design and milling center serving clients from coast to coast, we deliver restorations that are either finished or unfinished, depending on what you request. This makes us a versatile and low-cost option; you focus on what you do best, and we help by filling in the gaps! Trust us for all of your dental milling needs. We always operate with a high degree of integrity, and your satisfaction — as well as the satisfaction of the dentists you work with, and the patients they serve — is of paramount importance to us.

Our Quality Zirconia Products

We choose to work with zirconia because it is a top-rated material in the dental industry. Zirconia is well-suited for implants, dentures, crowns, bridges, and more, and there are several quality brands to choose from, which we will go over in a moment. But first, what are some of the important factors you need to consider when using zirconia?

What To Consider With Zirconia

Zirconia is a strong ceramic material that is highly durable, making it an excellent choice for crowns in particular, especially those located in posterior positions in the mouth. Because these back teeth use a great deal of force and strength to chew food and grind it down, a strong material is an important consideration for dental restorations. Thankfully, zirconia is known for its strength, and it holds up well at meal- and snack-times. Another important consideration is workability. How difficult is it to work with zirconia? For a specialized milling center like our own, the answer is that it isn’t difficult at all. We have zirconia milling machines that can handle every custom job our clients bring us. Our cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology and our knowledgeable technicians make us the right choice for all your zirconia dental milling needs.

Zirconia Copings

For your convenience, we currently offer the following zirconia copings to meet your needs. Feel free to check all of our brands and products to find just what you’re looking for.
  • Haus Solid Zirconia Coping
  • ArgenZ™ HT+ Zirconia Coping
  • 3M™ Lava™ Esthetic Zirconia Coping
  • BruxZir® 16 Zirconia Coping

Feel free to ask us for details about each product. We are happy to work with you to help you find the option that’s perfect for your needs!

Anatomical Copings

Alternately, you may choose from among our anatomical copings. These options include:
  • 3M™ Lava™ Esthetic Anatomical Zirconia Coping
  • Haus Anatomical Zirconia Coping
  • BruxZir® 16 Anatomical Zirconia Coping
  • ArgenZ™ HT+ Anatomical Zirconia Coping

As you can see, when it comes to dental milling for all types of restorations, zirconia is a preferred material because it offers so many benefits. It’s strong enough to withstand the pressures involved with eating and chewing, making it a durable option. It’s beautiful, with a translucent quality that closely mimics real tooth enamel. Technicians like working with this material because it can be shaped and molded into practically any type of dental restoration, with the end result matching the look and feel of real teeth. At our dental design and milling center, it truly is a type of material we like to use for all kinds of dental products, from single to complete implants, to crowns and bridges.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have. Our dental milling center is here to help you through the design and milling process, every step of the way. If you’re not sure how to proceed, or you’d like to ask us anything before you begin, we encourage you to send us your questions!

A Little More About Zirconia Materials

Here are several more things we’d like you to know about zirconia. First, its high degree of translucency enables it to mimic the look of natural teeth. Many people can’t even tell the difference between natural teeth and zirconia dental restorations.

Additional Advantages

In addition, here are more reasons to use zirconia for your dental patients:
  • More Options For Dental Labs: Zirconia comes in varying degrees of translucency, strength, and material composition, letting labs pick what’s best on a case-by-case basis.
  • Solid or Layered: The material comes in solid or layered form; once again, this translates to greater options for dentists and dental labs.
  • Shades Are Customizable: This lets dentists and labs come up with a better match to each patient’s natural teeth.
  • Resistant To Fractures: Because zirconia is incredibly strong, the material resists fractures, leading to a better, more reliable dental restoration.
  • A Highly Compatible Material: For the vast majority of patients, zirconia is highly compatible with the tissues of the mouth, making it the preferred choice particularly for anyone with allergies and sensitivities.
  • Less Sensitive To Temperature Changes: People with zirconia crowns and implants typically report less sensitivity to hot and cold fluctuations, particularly when drinking liquids.

Zirconia Offers Options

As we’ve already mentioned, you’ll enjoy numerous options when you choose zirconia. For one thing, you can work with a solid block of material, or you can opt for a multi-layered approach. Everything from shade to strength can be customized. The patient ends up with restorations that are made of strong, durable material, which means they can stand up to a great deal of wear and tear without breaking or cracking. In addition, the patient will enjoy a beautiful, natural color with a translucency that mimics what you’d see in real teeth.  

Solid vs. Multi-layered Zirconia

We can help you determine whether solid or multi-layered zirconia is the best option for your specific case. Layered zirconia offers higher degrees and quality of translucency, making it the option of choice for the front teeth, which are more visible. Solid zirconia provides greater strength, making it the natural choice for back teeth. Molars do a great deal of grinding and pressure application, making the stronger solid zirconia the better option for back teeth, in most cases.

Of course, there are other considerations you’ll need to go over before making your final decision. Haus Dental Design & Milling Center is here to guide you through the process so you can choose the right option for every patient. In dentistry, one size (or material type) doesn’t fit everyone equally! We want what’s best for your dentists and their patients, so please consult with us with any questions you may have.

BruxZir® Zirconia Restorations

A popular choice for many dental laboratories is our BruxZir® brand. Known throughout the industry for quality, BruxZir® restorations are available for crowns, implants, inlays, copings, and custom hybrids. Here’s a closer look at some of our available products:
  • BruxZir® 16 Solid Zirconia Crown: A full-contour zirconia material brand commonly recommended in North America. This popular brand is recognized for its strength and aesthetics.
  • BruxZir® 16 Custom Hybrid Zirconia Abutment: A custom solution for more complex cases.
  • BruxZir® 16 Zirconia Inlay: When an inlay, and not a full crown, is called for.
  • BruxZir® 16 Implant Screw-Retained Implant Crown: A strong crown suitable for screw-retained implants.
  • BruxZir® 16 Cut-Back/Layered Crown: For a beautiful look and finish, especially suitable for front teeth.
  • BruxZir® 16 Zirconia Coping: Offers excellent translucency, shade consistency, and strength.

What You’ll Like About Them

There are many things you’ll like about our BruxZir® zirconia products. First, they are incredibly strong, which leads to greater reliability. In addition, they provide a high quality of translucency for a solution that’s aesthetically pleasing. Shades can be matched fairly easily for a more consistent look. And the brand offers you several options so you can find the product that’s right for you.

ArgenZ™ Products

ArgenZ™ zirconia products are super translucent for a beautiful smile! Anterior crowns are made for the front teeth, while the ArgenZ™ HT+ line offers a range of products to suit your needs, including copings, back-teeth crowns, inlays, and custom hybrid abutments. In addition to offering a superior quality of translucency, ArgenZ™ zirconia products are known for their strength and durability.

Haus’ Custom Zirconia Options

Haus Dental Design & Milling Center also offers our own in-house custom zirconia options. Choose from solid implant crowns, custom hybrid abutments, screw-retained implant crowns, copings, and layered crowns. Our options are designed to give you maximum flexibility, outstanding quality, and affordable prices to save you money. But rest assured, you never have to skimp on quality, because our own in-house line offers the high levels of durability, strength, and translucency that you and your clients expect for their dental restoration products. We’re simply eliminating the name brand and passing on the savings to you. By creating our own line, we are able to supply dental milling solutions to any dental lab, regardless of your operating budget. Please ask us about our in-house custom zirconia options.  

KATANA™ Multi-layered Zirconia

A well-known name throughout the industry is the KATANA™ brand, which we’re certain you’ve heard of and have probably worked with before. KATANA™ zirconia is available through our milling center in the following options: multi-layered veneer, layered crown, and multi-layered crown. The KATANA™ brand offers several advantages. As with the other brands we use, its translucent quality is outstanding; in fact, it’s considered one of the best on the market. It is made to provide a natural color gradient for a beautiful, consistent look. It’s a great material for both veneers and crowns. KATANA™ zirconia is used to make multi-layered dental products.

3M™ Lava™ Multi-layered Zirconia

We also carry 3M™ Lava™ zirconia products, which many of our labs choose for their dental solutions. We have the following available through this excellent brand: layered crown, multi-layered crown, screw-retained implant crown, and copings. One huge benefit of using 3M™ Lava™ zirconia is the teeth-like fluorescence that this material provides. Shade gradients are available to match each patient’s teeth. This material is easy to work with, and it provides a great fit.

How To Get Started With Us

Now that you know a little more about our quality zirconia dental products, it’s time to discover the difference that working with Haus Dental Design & Milling Center can make to your dental business. To get started, simply send us your cases using conventional model work or STL files. You can select from unfinished or finished restorations, giving you the flexibility to move forward in the manner that works best for you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today! We are committed to producing outstanding results and delivering quality dental restoration solutions you’ll be happy with. We’ve been in the business for a long time. In fact, we’ve even pioneered some of the dental milling processes you might already be familiar with. If anything is ever unclear, do not hesitate to ask for our assistance.  

To Learn More

We hope this detailed page about the qualities and benefits of using zirconia material for dental molding and milling has answered many of your questions. Whether you choose KATANA™ zirconia or Haus’ custom zirconia options, you can’t go wrong with this strong, durable, translucent, and attractive material that results in dental solutions dentists and patients appreciate!

If you’d like to learn more about Haus Dental Design & Milling Center, including how we got started and how we’ve helped to shape the industry, we invite you to read more about our founder and our company. Some of the highlights you’ll learn by reading about us include the fact that our founder, Alex Kim, has devoted his professional life to learning and perfecting many of the design and milling techniques currently used in the industry. 

Alex spent 17 years working for Glidewell Dental Laboratory, and then transitioned to helping other dental laboratories by sharing the latest in digital dental production techniques. He helped build the CAD/CAM production department at Itec Dental Laboratory before launching his own dental milling and design center specializing in quality dental restorations.

Haus Dental Design & Milling Center is dedicated to serving you. We work with dental labs across the country to simplify the process of creating and finishing dental restorations. For all of your dental milling needs, turn to Haus.

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