5 Benefits Of Zirconia Dental Crowns

For many dentists and dental labs, zirconia is the material of choice for dental crowns. Here are five top advantages of zirconia dental crowns for dentists, labs, and most importantly, dental patients.

Excellent Dental Restorations

Zirconia dental crowns are recognized within the dental restoration industry for excellence. These dental products are strong, durable, and attractive, making them a preferred choice for crowns as well as bridges and dentures.

These restorations can be fabricated from solid or layered material, and they can be affixed via screw or cement, making them a versatile option.

Smooth Surface

The precise, advanced dental milling techniques available today make it easy for milling centers to create an ultra-smooth dental crown surface, which feels good to the patient but has an added benefit. A smooth contour means less plaque will adhere.

While crowns and other manufactured dental products won’t decay in the presence of plaque, buildup of plaque (a sticky film with large quantities of bacteria) does cause bad breath and can hurt the gums and surrounding teeth. The smoothness of zirconia dental crowns results in less plaque, which in turn translates to a cleaner mouth with better breath and healthier gums.

Precision Fit

Today’s CAD/CAM dental processes result in a higher degree of accuracy achieved when it comes to milling dental restoration products, and this increased accuracy results in a much better fit for the patient. A precision fit means quicker, shorter dental appointments, as well as a much shorter adjustment period for the patient. It also means there won’t be annoying shifting or slipping after the crown is adhered.

It’s A Chemically Unreactive Ceramic

Zirconia products are unlike solid metal crowns, such as gold, in that they are made of a strong, durable ceramic material. Being chemically unreactive is a huge plus for anyone with allergies or sensitivities to metals. Any patient who wants a strong, ceramic restoration for any reason, including appearances, will be happy with a natural-looking zirconia dental crown.

High Degree Of Comfort

Everything about zirconia dental products leads to greater comfort for the patient, from the precision fit to the smooth nature of the material. This is a top-quality material that labs and milling centers enjoy working with, and that patients enjoy wearing thanks to the high degree of comfort they experience and the reliability they can trust.

Turn To Haus Milling Center For Precision Dental Milling

We are located in Dallas, Texas, and we work with dental labs across the country, milling their crowns, dentures, bridges, and other restorations to create dental products which serve patients well. Our goal is to provide exemplary service while making the entire process easy for our dental laboratory clients.

Whether you choose to work with zirconia brands, or you prefer other materials, we can work with you. Our products include Katana™ crowns and veneers, ArgenZ™ anterior crowns, BruxZir® solid zirconia crowns, and much more. Be sure to browse our full selection of restorations, either by brand or by type. If you have any questions, reach out to us. Haul Milling Center is here to meet your dental milling and design needs!

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