Haus FAQ for discription

Haus FAQ

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General Questions

1. Where are you located?

2835 Virgo Ln Dallas, TX 75229

2. Do you provide shipping labels for models/impressions to be sent to your milling center? 

No, all of our customers must mail their cases at their expense.

3. Are you products made in the USA?

Yes, we are proud to fabricate our products at our Dallas Texas Facility.

4. Do you ship internationally?

We offer shipment to Canada and Mexico at this time.

5. What glazing paste do you recommend?

We recommend using Miyo stain and glaze.


Cut Off Time

1. What is the cut off time for STL’s? 

3:00 PM CST

2. What is the cut off time for Intra-Oral Scans?

11:00 AM CST

3. What is the cut off time for Lab Scans?

11:00 AM CST

4. What is the cut off time for Models?

11:00 AM CST


My Account

1. What is my order number?

In your account page, you will see all of your order numbers.

Click on the order number to get an invoice, right-click and then click print to able to print the your invoice.

2. Can I change or update my address ?

Yes, in your account page you will find 'view address'. Click the edit button your address book entries.

3. How to get started?

You can get started by clicking the human icon in the upper right corner of the our website or Click here.

If you are not our member yet, you can click the 'Create account' button to become a member.

Members of the Haus Milling Center can receive A FREE CROWN COUPON worth $22 every Monday in the morning via email.


How to submit design files

1. How to submit designed STL files? 

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2. How to submit Models/Impressions?

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3. How to submit Intra-Oral_Scan files? 

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