5 Benefits of the Bruxzir® Crown

Have you heard of BruxZir® 16 crowns and other dental restorations made from this material? In today’s blog, we’d like to share with you some of the benefits that this brand of zirconia offers to dentists and their patients. We also want to briefly cover the types of restorations that BruxZir® is especially good for, and then focus on the specific benefits of this brand for crowns. Read on to learn more!

A Quality Brand Through and Through

At our dental milling center, we work with the BruxZir® 16 brand (among other top-quality brands) because of the outstanding benefits it offers for solid zirconia dental restorations.

This brand is known industry-wide for quality, and these are some of the reasons why:
  • Overall better than traditional porcelain or gold
  • It creates a more natural look
  • Blends better with existing teeth
  • Extremely strong material is resistant to breaking 
  • Offers excellent resistance to cracks and chips
  • Leads to stronger, more resilient dental restorations
  • Offers a great look patients are pleased with

With so many great things going for this brand, it’s no wonder that BruxZir® 16 is used in solid zirconia and custom hybrid zirconia restorations worldwide!

BruxZir® Is Great for These Dental Restorations

Because of the benefits and qualities we’ve just listed, BruxZir® 16 is especially useful for dental solutions that involve crowns, inlays, implants, and hybrid customizations. If you’re a dental lab working with dentists who have a number of patients who are special cases and need highly customized solutions, BruxZir® 16 is a great material to work with.

Benefits of the BruxZir® Crown

Now let’s look at the specific benefits of BruxZir® 16 for high-quality, durable, and attractive dental crowns. These solid crowns can achieve just the right shade to match neighboring teeth, with a beautiful translucency dental patients value. For this reason alone, it’s a far better solution than porcelain or metal options. For patients who grind their teeth, BruxZir® 16 is a perfect choice because of the extra strength this material offers. 

Let’s now look at five specific benefits. 

Benefit #1: Made from Quality Zirconia Known for Its Strength

Within the dental industry, zirconia is often the preferred material for restorations because of its amazing strength. Since the Bruxzir brand is made from top-quality zirconia, it delivers an uncompromising, full-strength solution. At Haus Dental Design & Milling Center, we use zirconia extensively for its unique qualities. When we mill zirconia dental restorations, we can achieve an incomparable precision fit that leads to greater comfort for patients, while delivering the strength and durability dentists, labs, and patients alike expect in dental restorations.

Benefit #2: Offers Excellent Light Transmission Properties For A Natural Look

The BruxZir® 16 brand leads to a dental crown that looks and feels like natural teeth. Bruxzir crowns exhibit a high degree of translucency, which means light is transmitted through the zirconia material in a manner that mimics the look of real teeth. BruxZir® 16’s light transmission properties result in attractive, natural-looking crowns and, consequently, greater confidence patients feel about their smiles!

Benefit #3: It’s Recommended for Those Who Grind Their Teeth

Because of the strong, durable nature of zirconia dental crowns, BruxZir® 16 is often recommended for patients who clench and grind their teeth. This practice puts a tremendous amount of pressure on teeth, which results in a higher risk of breakage. By creating crowns made of breakage-resistant, high-quality zirconia, labs and milling centers are able to craft stronger restorations that even teeth grinders can effectively benefit from. 

Benefit #4: Provides Outstanding Resistance to Chipping and Cracking

One of the problems sometimes seen with crowns is that they can crack or chip, especially when the patient bites into food that’s hard and crunchy. Thankfully, BruxZir® 16 addresses this problem by offering increased resistance to chipping and cracking. 

Benefit #5: Creates a Smooth Surface That Resists Plaque Buildup

There are a couple of main reasons that a dental lab or a milling center would want to create an especially smooth dental surface for patients. The first is that it leads to greater comfort; we naturally run our tongues over our teeth sometimes, and a smooth tooth surface means we won’t injure our tongue in the process! Plus, the soft, sensitive tissues found on the inside of the mouth won’t experience as many cuts or irritations when they’re touching crowns that are smooth and free of nicks.

Another reason a smooth surface is important for a crown is that it resists the buildup of plaque. This sticky deposit not only yellows teeth, but also leads to bacteria proliferation, which in turn can lead to decay of the surrounding natural teeth and inflammation (and even infection) of the gum tissues. And of course, a smooth surface means better-looking crowns that, as we’ve mentioned before, can increase a patient’s confidence and lead to feeling more comfortable about smiling. 

Contact Us to Learn More about Bruxzir Crowns

Now that you’ve learned a little about the main benefits of BruxZir® 16 crowns, we’d like to let you know that Haus Dental Design & Milling Center is available to help with all your dental restoration designs, and we’re here to expertly mill crowns, bridges, implants, and more. In addition to working with the top-quality BruxZir® 16 brand, we work with other winning brands, including KATANA™ and ArgenZ™. If you’re a dental lab that’s not sure which brand to choose for your dentists’ crowns, ask us. We can help you make the right decision that will benefit your dentists’ patients. Reach out to us today!

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