Introducing Zirconia Crowns at Haus Milling Center


Introducing Zirconia Crowns at Haus Milling Center. If you're searching for Zirconia Crown that provides durability, beauty, and affordability, you've come to the right place. At Haus Milling Center, we have a selection of zirconia crowns that cater to your specific dental requirements. Take advantage of our exclusive events and membership benefits to enjoy significant savings.


Zirconia Crown


Our Zirconia Crown Offerings : 

1. Haus HT Plus Crown

Link: Haus HT Plus Crown

Haus HT Plus Crown

The Haus HT Plus Crown is a symbol of strength and aesthetics. With an impressive strength rating of 1200 MPa and a transparency level of 43%, this monolithic zirconia crown offers durability and a natural look that's second to none.

  • Type: Monolithic


2. Haus ML Plus Crown

Link: Haus ML Plus Crown

Haus ML Plus Crown

For those seeking a multilayered zirconia crown that combines strength and beauty, the Haus ML Plus Crown is the perfect choice. With a strength rating of 1050 MPa and a transparency level of 53%, it's a testament to precision and quality.

  • Type: Multilayered


3. Haus Sapphire Plus Crown

Link: Haus Sapphire Plus Crown

Haus Sapphire Plus Crown

The Haus Sapphire Plus Crown is designed for those who demand the ultimate in aesthetics. With a strength rating of 1100 MPa and a transparency level of 48%, it's a monolithic, pre-shade zirconia crown that exudes luxury.

  • Type: Monolithic, Pre-shade Zirconia


4. Haus ML 3D Pro

Link: Haus ML 3D Pro Crown

Haus ML 3D Pro Crown

If you're looking for cutting-edge dental solutions, the Haus ML 3D Pro Crown is a must-consider option. With a strength rating of 1050 MPa and a high transparency level of 57%, it sets new standards in both strength and aesthetics.

  • Type: Multilayered


Exclusive Events and Membership Benefits

We want you to experience the best of our services and enjoy exclusive benefits:

1. Happy Hour Event

Join us every Monday to Friday for our Happy Hour event, where you can enjoy a $2 discount on our zirconia crowns after 6 pm. This is the perfect opportunity to enhance your smile while saving on costs.

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2. Membership Benefits

When you sign up for membership at Haus Milling Center, you'll receive a free coupon to experience the outstanding quality of our Haus HT Plus zirconia full crown. It's thank you for being a part of our member. 

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Visit Haus Milling Center today to discover the brilliance of zirconia crowns!
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