KATANA™ UTML Multi-Layered Veneer

KATANA™ UTML Multi-Layered Veneer

Haus Milling Center

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Closely Match Shades And Achieve A Natural, Translucent Look

  • Quality Katana-brand zirconia UTML material
  • Achieve a high level of translucency
  • Provides a natural color gradient

Dental crowns, bridges, and splints have never looked so good thanks to Katana Zirconia UTML! Use this product when you want to match the shade of each patient’s teeth for a natural look they’ll appreciate. Known for its strength, Katana Zirconia UTML offers one of the highest translucency levels available in the industry! Available here along with other quality dental restoration products through Haus Milling Center.

  • Select your shade
  • Pick your finish preference
  • Available for bridges, splints, and crowns

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